Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in our club! As the Oregon Trail Cavalier Club mission is to preserve, protect and carefully promote Cavaliers, and we have accepted the responsibility for the future of our breed within the state of Oregon, we would like to welcome like-minded people to our membership. In following the guidelines of the AKC, the Oregon Trail Cavalier Club has established a set of criteria for its membership.

While membership is to be unrestricted as to residence, the Club's primary purpose is to be representative of the breeders and exhibitors in its immediate area. Regular and Associate memberships are open to persons eighteen years of age and older, who are in good standing the with American Kennel Club, and who subscribe to the purposes of this Club. Each Applicant for membership shall apply on the form (below), which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by our Code of Ethics and Guideline for Conduct, Constitution and By-Laws, and by the rules of the American Kennel Club. The Applicant for Regular Membership must carry the endorsement (sponsorship) of two Regular Members in good standing who have known the applicant for twelve (12) months. Each sponsor must have visited the home of the applicant one (1) time. The applicant must attend two general membership meetings. The application shall state the name and address of the applicant, and submit a payment for dues for the current year, along with the application, to the Club Secretary.

A Regular Membership is open to persons aged 18 years and older who reside in the State of Oregon, and who own or whose immediate household member owns a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is registered with the American Kennel Club. Regular members are entitled to all rights and privileges, including voting privileges of the Club.

An Associate Membership is open to individuals 18 years of age or older who are interested in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but do not satisfy the requirements for Regular Membership. Associate Members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Club except that they shall not be permitted to vote, hold office or be counted in a quorum.

A Family Membership is open to 2 adults residing in the same household who qualify for Regular Membership, each eligible to vote and hold office. The first annual membership fee shall be determined by the Board, and an additional annual membership in the same household shall be one-half (1/2) of the cost of the first membership.

Please read our Consititution and Code of Ethics for further information; click on the buttons to visit those web-pages.

Membership Application

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